Meet the Author

Larry Kreiger

A Letter From Larry

Welcome to my APUSH website! The APUSH Framework divides American history into 9 time periods. I have lived through almost all of Period 8 (1945 – 1980) and all of Period 9 (1980 – Present). That means that I’ve experienced and observed a lot of American history!

My Story

I grew up in a small segregated Southern town. As a recent college graduate, I taught in one of North Carolina’s first fully integrated American history classes. I worked for Senator McCarthy’s presidential campaign and attended the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago. I knew a number of hippies but I didn’t attend the Woodstock rock festival. Contrary to what many of my students think, I didn’t know Theodore Roosevelt, live thru the Great Depression or fight in World War II. However, my father was a bomber pilot who fought in the historic American victory in the Battle of Midway. (Of course, I believed he single handedly won the war).

I have done more than experience American history; I have also taught the subject for many years. I have taught students in urban, rural, and suburban public schools. During my career I taught the sons and daughters of farmers, factory workers, prominent politicians, and Nobel Prize winners. I always strove to create informative and engaging lessons with a touch of humor. I am very proud of my students, many of whom have achieved great success in life.

What Makes My Book Different

This website is focused on AP US History. The College Board inaugurated a totally new course Framework and exam during the 2014 – 2015 school year. However, the College Board changes did not stop in 2015. They have made a number of significant revisions during the last four years. For example, the scoring rubrics first attached great prominence to synthesis and periodization. However, the College Board abandoned periodization and replaced synthesis with the very difficult Complexity Point. The number of multiple-choice questions increased from 49 to 55 while the total number of exam points increased from 130 to 140. And the types of formats for the short-answer and long essay questions have changed every year.

I have carefully studied all the College Board materials. I have adjusted my lessons and materials to reflect each change in the Framework and exam. As a result, my materials have always been up-to-date and fully aligned with the course requirements.


My newest book AP US History: A Strategic Review shares my successful approach to preparing students for the APUSH exam. This website is designed to accompany the book. For example, you will find Podcasts devoted to key historic topics and important test strategies. I am also making a strong effort to help students understand the Complexity Point and how to earn it on the DBQ and LEQ essays.

I hope you enjoy using my new APUSH website. Together WE CAN DO IT!

– Larry Krieger

Author of AP US History: A Strategic Review