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AP Test Prep Books

AP Art History

Beyond The European Traditional

Provides clear and concise narrative discussions of the context, content, form and function of all images in Content Areas 6 – 10. Plus a full set of 80 realistic multiple-choice questions.

The Insider’s SAT II U.S. History Exam

The Essential Content

Provides a narrative review based around frequently tested key topics, a collection of frequently tested quotes, and a complete practice test.

SAT Vocabulary

A New Approach

Provides detailed discussion along with illustrative examples of vocabulary in context questions, passage-based vocabulary, commonly confused words, transitional words, and key essay vocabulary.


What People Are Saying

This book is an invaluable resource to students. This book exceeds its competitors in every way.

– Sheryl Gilbert

Every passage is so beautifully written that a student does not feel as if she is studying, but rather as if she is reading for herself, for pure knowledge.

– Akash Bagaria

The information is concise and provides what you must know… I felt very confident in this book and my preparation.

– Christopher Gravolet


Coming Soon

The Insider’s Complete Guide to

AP Art History

Volumes 1 & 2

Concise, clear, and interesting essays for each of the works in APAH Content Areas 1–5. Quarter-page photo of each artwork plus a sidebar drawing connections to other works. Includes over 80 practice questions and a glossary.