The Book:

Strategic Content

The Golden Dozen And The Big Ten

Knowledge of the Golden Dozen should generate enough points to enable you to score a 3 or even a 4. The combined information in the Golden Dozen narrative chapters and the ten mini chapters should be sufficient to enable you to score a 5!

The Golden Dozen

Twelve narrative chapters reflect a strategic understanding of key topics that generate significant clusters of exam questions.

• Full chapters on the often neglected content in Period 1 (1491) and Period 9 (1980 – Present)
• Four chapters on African American history
• Two chapters on Women’s history
• One chapter on Native American history
• One chapter on the Populist movement
• One chapter on the Cold War
• One chapter on Immigration and Nativism

These twelve chapters provide unified and vivid narrative descriptions of key developments in American history. Each chapter is followed by 15 multiple-choice questions and two short-answer questions.

The Big Ten

Ten mini-chapters devoted to providing point-by-point comparisons of 20 key topics:

• New World Empires
• Colonial Virginia and Massachusetts
• Federalists and Anti-Federalists
• First and Second Great Awakenings
• Market Revolution and the Rise of Industrial Capitalism
• Manifest Destiny and Imperialism
• Populists and Progressives
• New Deal and Great Society
• The 1920s and 1950s
• The Korean War and the Vietnam War

The ten mini-chapter are short but mighty! The chapters are easy to read, understand, and remember.

No unnecessary content. Fully up-to-date for 2019.

Unlike other APUSH prep books, all questions are based upon the APUSH Framework and exams. There is no need to waste time studying everything!

You want to study for the exam. You don’t want a condensed version of your textbook. The focus is on topics that repeatedly generate test questions. Published in 2019, the book fully reflects all changes in the exam format.