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The DBQ is Important

The DBQ scoring rubric contains 7 points. Each rubric point is worth 5 exam points. So the DBQ is worth a total of 35 points or 25 percent of your exam score.

The DBQ is Challenging

The average score on the 2018 DBQ was 2.42. This equals just 12 exam points. This is a substantial loss that will make it very difficult to earn a high APUSH score.

A Strategic Approach to Mastering the DBQ

Our book provides you with a full chapter devoted to helping you
master the DBQ.

• The chapter provides clear explanations for each rubric point. (See pages 298 – 299)

• The chapter does more than explain the DBQ; it also provides fully developed sample DBQs and essays.

• Thus far, College Board DBQ’s have tested either causation or change and continuity over time. That is why we have Sample DBQs for both of these key history reasoning skills. (If you decide to use screen shots please go with the Change and Continuity DBQ on pages 310 – 312)

Simplifying the Complexity Point

• Fewer than 9 out of 10 APUSH students earn the complexity point. In fact, many teachers refer to it as “the unicorn point” because earning it is so difficult.

• No more! Our DBQ chapter shows you how to master the Complexity Point. We show you how to write a sophisticated thesis and how to group the documents so that they “talk to each other.” (See paragraphs 1, 2, and 4 on page 311)