The Top Ten Key Terms – Part I

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The glossaries in APUSH textbooks and prep books contain hundreds of vocabulary terms. If all of these words had an equal chance of appearing on your APUSH exam studying would be very time-consuming and tedious. Fortunately, APUSH test writers focus on key terms identified in the definitive course Framework. The Glossary in AP US History: A Strategic Review identifies 64 key terms you absolutely, positively have to know. A careful content analysis of released APUSH multiple-choice questions revealed that ten terms are particularly important. Here are the Top Ten terms along with where you can find information about each term:

1. Second Great Awakening

  • Glossary term 19
  • Chapter 2
  • Mini Chapter 16.2

2. Progressive Movement

  • Glossary term 40
  • Chapter 7
  • Mini Chapter 19.2

3. Containment

  • Glossary term 49
  • Chapter 10

4. Columbian Exchange

  • Glossary term 1
  • Chapter 1

5. Manifest Destiny

  • Glossary term 21
  • Chapter 3
  • Mini Chapter 18.1